Going Home Postpartum

What to Expect When You’re No Longer “Expecting”…


Breast fullness and nipple tenderness are normal when breastfeeding.


It’s not unusual to experience some mood fluctuations within a few days of delivery.  However, any continued feelings of sadness or depression should be reported right away to your physician.


Vaginal bleeding and discharge can be present for up to 6 weeks postpartum, but if should gradually get lighter.  If it begins to increase please call your physician.


Perineal (vaginal) soreness is to be expected after a vaginal birth. Soaking in a warm bath, or applying a cold ice pack can help.


Hemorrhoids may worsen. Drink lots of water, eat foods that are high in fiber, and try not to strain during bowel movements.


It’s normal to be tired, so sleep when your baby sleeps.


(Contact your physicians for any unusual or severe complaints after delivery)